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S P R I N G - My favourite flowers of the moment


l love the feeling that the first day of Spring brings with it, knowing it’s the start of that magical season in between Winter and Summer when the days get longer, the air gets a little warmer & gardens are blossoming at every corner. Spring is a season thats all about rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth which means the Birds & the Bees are expanding, Botanics are in abundance and the fresh produce is extra delicious too, making it a favourite time of year for any keen cooks and Florists (and of course anyone who just love flowers)!

I could go on & on about all of my favourite Spring Florals but there are far too many to list, so i have picked out a few of my favourites at the moment. Keep an eye out for these lovely ones at your local Florist!


The most beautiful bloom with a quirky centre! Anemones keep changing colours at different stages of opening, making them so unique. A part of the Ranuncula family, these have become quite popular in the last few years.


Like a little mini Hydrangea, these are extra pretty and soft. Every petal is so details & shaped like a four leaf clover. After a few days the petals fall off like little snowflakes.


The Iris has come a long way than just the old fashioned flower you would find at your Nanna's house (no offence Nan). Now a days with all of the cross breeding that growers are doing you can get these in all different colours & textures.


Oh you beautiful thing, I love you LILAC! It really doesn't need an introduction. With its dainty little blooms, subtle sweet scent and varying shades of purples this flower is absolutely to die for.


The Hellebore species has become so popular over the last few years. I find a lot of Bride asking me to use them in the wedding flowers, and of course when you see them you can understand why. They are such a beautiful interesting flower that comes in all different colours and even a double Hellebore, which are allll of the amazing.


I feel like the Delphinium is such an old fashioned flower yet it will never go out of fashion. They can be so tall & striking, yet when you look closely the blooms are so soft & detailed. Long live the Delph!

Yayy for Spring Xx

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